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activated charcoal

Activated Charcoal – Good or Bad for Your Teeth?

There are a variety of things you can do to make sure that your teeth are in the best health and are as bright as they can be. One increasingly popular method is using activated charcoal. In fact, it is being pitched as one of the sure, all-naturals ways to help you get a brighter smile by removing tough stains on your teeth without the use of harmful abrasives or chemical bleaches.

What is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal is a type of common charcoal, usually made out of wood, that has been heated in the presence of certain gases that will cause pores to form in the charcoal. These pores or internal spaces give the activated charcoal a sponge-like ability to trap the organic molecules of certain toxins. It has been widely used in the medical field as a treatment for poisonings, high cholesterol levels and more.

Activated charcoal can also absorb tannins or the molecules in foods and drinks that can cause staining. It can be included as an ingredient in toothpaste, or its powdered form can be mixed with water and then scrubbed onto the teeth. However, before your start using activated charcoal to get whiter teeth, it is important that you know exactly what to expect when you use it and why it may not be the best choice for your oral health routine.

Why Some People Use Activated Charcoal for Their Teeth

  • Its adhesive qualities allow it to remove bacteria, chemicals, plaque, and tartar from the surface of the teeth, which can make teeth cleaner and whiter.
  • It has properties that can create a healthy environment in the mouth by promoting a normal pH level.
  • It is an all-natural remedy and also is a relatively inexpensive alternative to other treatments for whitening teeth.

Arguments Against Using Activate Charcoal for Your Teeth

  • There is no guarantee of quality. Activated charcoal has not yet been approved for use by the American Dental Association as a teeth whitener. This means it has not undergone rigorous tests and reviews. Also, there is no guarantee that the manufacturers selling the products are using the correct kind of charcoal, and non-activated charcoal can be quite harmful.
  • It still has abrasive qualities. While it may not be as abrasive as some products, it can still damage your teeth. It can also cause significant damage to your gums and may contribute to receding gums. This can expose the roots of your teeth, leaving them vulnerable to the grittiness of the charcoal.
  • It may work only in certain cases. Activated charcoal can only be effective at removing surface stains. However, if your teeth are naturally yellow or darker in color because of age, they can only be whitened with a bleaching agent.

Before you start using a new product to whiten your teeth, first consult with your dentist. Using a well-tested product under the guidance of your dentist is one of the safest ways to get whiter teeth. You will be given a comprehensive dental examination and will be advised of which whitening methods may help you obtain a brighter smile.


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teeth whitening myths

The 5 Most Common Teeth Whitening Myths

Teeth whitening is one of the more popular cosmetic dentistry treatments you can have and can be safe and effective if you make sure to use the proper techniques. If you are considering whitening your teeth, it is important to know about the common misconceptions that surround treatment. Relying on these myths can cause you to damage your teeth or have unattainable expectations. Here are a few myths to be aware of:

Whitening Toothpaste Produces the Same Results as other Whitening Treatments

While there are many types of toothpaste that contain whitening agents, they are not nearly as effective as other whitening treatments. These other treatments include over-the-counter whitening treatments, such as strips and trays that contain gels with varying levels of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, the active whitening ingredient. Of course, the treatments that you receive at your dentist, who uses products with professional strength whitening agents, can yield even better results.

Fruit Can Be Used to Whiten Your Teeth

This adage about using fruit, specifically lemons or strawberries, has a small amount truth to it. The acid that is contained in the fruit can lighten the color of your teeth. However, it does so by eating away at the layers of enamel on your teeth. This eroding of your enamel can cause permanent damage to your teeth and is a harmful side effect of any whitening that may occur.

Teeth Whitening is for Children, Too

It is best to wait until the pulp in the tooth has fully matured, usually in the early teens, so that there will be less sensitivity. Whitening children’s teeth too soon can damage the live tissue inside the teeth and irritate and sensitize gumlines.

Your Veneers and Crowns have to be Whitened

The teeth whitening products that are available in stores and the procedures that you undergo in your dentist’s office will all be effective on natural teeth. However, with veneers and crowns, which are composed of porcelain or some other similar synthetic material, these treatments and procedures will have no effect. The color of the dental prosthetic will remain the same color as when they were first placed in your mouth. If you want them to match the new, whiter color of your teeth, you will have to replace them with new ones that are colored in the appropriate shade.

The Results of Teeth Whitening Lasts Forever

There are numerous teeth whitening products available that can help you whiten your teeth to the shade that you prefer. However, the outcome that you get does lose its effectiveness. If you do not reapply a teeth whitening application, your teeth can gradually turn yellow. This is because as you age, your teeth tend to turn yellow naturally. Maintaining whiter teeth as you age can require the occasional reapplication or touch-up of a teeth whitening product or procedure.

Take care as you consider your teeth whitening options and be aware of the misleading myths that surround the treatment that can cause you to compromise your oral health. Do your research, and always speak to your dentist before starting treatment.

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one hour teeth whitening

In and Out in One Hour Teeth Whitening

The most popular cosmetic dental procedure today is in-office teeth whitening. With this procedure, you can be in and out in under an hour with your teeth looking pearly white. Your smile will rival a movie star after this type of treatment. There are plenty of benefits for this procedure when compared to the home remedies and solutions on the market today.

Get Expert Treatment

The biggest advantage is that you will be getting treatment from a professional. You won’t have to try and understand complicated instructions squeezed onto the side of a tube. Instead, you can trust your teeth in the hands and under the expertise of the dentist. They know exactly how to get your teeth looking bright and beautiful. You won’t have to worry and instead you can sit back, relax and wait for the procedure to be completed.

Fast Results

Do you need your teeth whitened for an event or a special occasion? Perhaps, you have a big business meeting in a few days, and you want to look your best. With an in-office treatment, results will be fast. This is not a guarantee if you use a home remedy. With a home remedy, it can take weeks for a noticeable effect. If you use an in-office treatment, you’ll see changes in just a couple of hours.

Safe And Friendly

There has been some controversy over whether teeth whitening is safe. Specifically, when using home treatments and gels. Rest assured, with an in-office treatment you can guarantee that the substances used are controlled. They have been tested to ensure that there is no danger to your teeth or your oral health. Again, you’ll be putting the safety of your teeth in the hands of medical professional who will complete the treatment for you.

Sensitive Teeth Aren’t An Issue

Sensitive teeth might have stopped you from getting a teeth whitening treatment in the past. Now, you can feel confident with an in-office procedure. The use of desensitizers can reduce any discomfort that you might have experienced. In fact, it can feel no different than the sensation that you get when you brush your teeth.

No Need For Regular Treatment

Using a home treatment can mean that you regularly have to apply the substance to see any effect. With an in-office treatment, the situation is completely different. One treatment will have a noticeable effect and will last for months. You won’t have to continually return to get another treatment to keep your teeth white and shiny.

The Only Way To Remove Tough Stains

Over the years, you might have stained your teeth with marks that you thought were permanent. Drinking coffee or smoking can leave marks on your teeth that won’t come off through cleaning. In-office professional treatment for whitening is the only way to get rid of these stains. Once you do, you’ll have confidence in your smile again. You won’t have to worry about nasty, unsightly marks on your teeth. Say goodbye to tooth stains and hello to a younger looking smile with in-office whitening.

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Dentist with happy patient after teeth whitening

Why You Should Go to Your Dentist to Get Your Teeth Whitened

Teeth whitening is something that is becoming more popular these days. It’s important to look after yourself and make sure you look good at all times. Plus, having lovely, perfect, pearly-white teeth goes a long way toward helping you achieve this. You could buy teeth whitening kits from your local drugstore, but, for best results you should get it done at your dentist. If you need to be convinced then here are some reasons why it’s essential.

Professional Job

The best reason to get your teeth whitened by your dentist is that they will do a professional job. Much better than you could hope to do yourself. Sure, you might make a perfectly adequate go of things. But, it’s important to get as professional a job as possible done. That way you can be sure your teeth will look as gleaming and gorgeous as possible.

You Know What’s Being Used

When you go to your dentist to get your teeth whitened you have the advantage of knowing what’s being used. You can be sure that the product being used is going to be something good for your teeth. You have no way of knowing this when you buy off the shelf. Sure, there are ingredients and instructions, but it’s difficult to know exactly what you’re putting on your teeth. When you get the dentist to do it, you can be sure nothing harmful is going to be put onto your teeth. This is important for protecting the future health of your teeth and gums while also keeping them looking great.

Get the Right Instructions and Feedback

The problem with doing it yourself is that you might have questions that need answering. You may have queries, or you might need advice and feedback. And the problem is that you have no way of getting this if you’re doing it on your own. Sure, you can read over the instructions, and you might be able to get a bit of advice online. But nothing can beat the expert opinion or feedback of a professional dentist. This will give you peace of mind, and you’ll know exactly what you need to do for the ideal outcome.

Save Money

It might seem initially cheaper to buy a teeth whitening kit off the shelves and do it yourself. But, you need to realize that it’s often a false economy. You will have to buy a lot of teeth whitening kits, and you’ll need to keep the process up for a long time. Whereas, when you get it done at the dentist it will be pricing up front, but then you won’t need to spend anything for a long time. So, you’re going to save yourself plenty of money when it comes to

If you are serious about getting your teeth whitened, you need to think carefully. This is something that is going to improve your appearance and the aesthetic appeal of your teeth. So, you have to do what you can to get the best possible job. And that’s why it’s always preferable to visit your dentist to get this done as opposed to doing it yourself from home.

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Two girls taking a selfie with photogenic smiles cosmetic dentistry

Get A More Photogenic Smile With These Cosmetic Dental Procedures

With high-quality cameras now on smartphones, group pictures and selfies can be taken anywhere at any time. So there’s more pressure than ever to be camera-ready all day every day. Having a beautiful and photogenic smile is something many of us want. As well as practising good oral care, there are other things you can do to achieve an incredible this. Here are some excellent cosmetic dental procedure you might want to consider that can help you get a photo-worthy smile.

Teeth Whitening

If your teeth are discoloured, you’re never going to have the photogenic smile you desire. It’s usually caused by drinks such as wine and coffee or by smoking cigarettes. These can cause stains and make your teeth look dull. Thankfully, it’s not something you have to live with. Teeth whitening reduces and removes the stains and leaves you with pearly-white teeth instead. While you can buy home whitening kits from most drug stores, they won’t give you the same amazing results. It can be done quickly and give you brighter and healthier looking teeth instantly. When your teeth look this perfectly white, you’ll want to do nothing but smile from now on. Always have a consultation with your dentist before having this procedure to find out more.

Porcelain Veneers

If you’re self-conscious about misshapen teeth or have gaps, porcelain veneers could give you your confidence back. These custom-made shells are designed to fit directly on top of your existing teeth. Veneers can improve the look of your teeth by enhancing their shape, colour and alignment with instant results. Meaning you can start taking amazing selfies moments after they have been fitted. You can talk to your dentist during your consultation about the look you want to create. You can then consider the available options you have until you find ones that suit. If you’ve shied away from photos in the past due to your teeth concerns, this is the perfect solution.


If your teeth are gappy, chipped or stained, the last thing you want to do is show it off in photographs. Bonding is a dental procedure that can be done in one session to correct many aesthetic issues. It can remove staining on teeth, close gaps and reshape teeth that have been chipped. This procedure uses a tooth-colored bonding material that is applied directly to the tooth. It is then shaped and set into place using a blue curing light. The quick transformation will be phenomenal and boost your self-confidence no end. If you have one or multiple issues with your teeth, this could be a life- changing procedure you should consider. Arrange an appointment with your dentist to see whether bonding is suitable for you.

As well as trying these procedures, why not also try practising smiling at home in front of a mirror. Stand up straight and think about something funny for a more naturally confident and less forced effect. It shouldn’t take long for you to find your perfect angle that shows your smile off in the best way possible.

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Worried About Your Teeth? Cosmetic Dentistry Could Be The Answer

If you’re having trouble with your teeth, you’ll usually book an appointment with a dentist. But what if the issue isn’t related to pain or discomfort? It’s possible that you might just be unhappy with the way your teeth look or feel. Perhaps, you’ve been chugging down too many fizzy drinks and you’ve seen signs of tooth decay. This can be particularly unsightly. Or, maybe you’re unhappy with how crooked your teeth look. A typical dentist isn’t going to be able to fix problems like this. But a cosmetic procedure could. Cosmetic dentistry has a whole range of solutions for problems with the way your teeth look.

Problems with your teeth can have a few different causes. It can happen naturally. Some people are born with terrible looking teeth. It’s a sad fact, but it’s true. That’s why so many people need braces in their teenage years.

Problems may also develop due to choices the individual has made. You might have had braces when you were younger. After they came off, you would have been told to keep a retainer in overnight. This stops the teeth reverting to their natural positions. If you don’t do this, you could find yourself with serious issues later in life. Or, you might have sucked your thumb when you were younger. This has been shown to increase the chances of a large overbite. But all these issues can be solved with cosmetics.


Braces are commonly used in cosmetic dental procedures. But don’t get the wrong idea. Many people associate braces with ugly or unsightly metal contraptions in and sometimes around, their mouth. This doesn’t have to be the case. Thanks to advanced treatments and new technology braces can now be invisible. You might have heard of invisible braces before and dismissed the notion completely. But braces can be fitted on the inside of the teeth. This means that you’re the only one who’ll know they are there. To everyone else your smile will look perfectly natural. That’s just one big benefit of cosmetic dentistry.

Teeth Whitening

Check out some blogs online and you’ll find plenty of advice on how to whiten your teeth. Or, how to keep your teeth white. But most experts agree the results are nothing compared to the benefits of a cosmetic procedure. With cosmetics, you really can get that celebrity smile. The best part is that this will only take one hour. Just one hour in a dental chair and your teeth will look bright and white once more.

Big Problems, Simple Solutions

Some people have major problems with their teeth. This could be a smile with a lot of gaps or a large overbite. It might be that their teeth have been stained or that they’ve experienced levels of irreversible tooth decay. Many people are put off by the idea of a long and expensive treatment. But there are other possibilities that are simple and affordable. One example is the Snap On Smile. The Snap On Smile is essentially a full retainer designed to look like the perfect smile. It’s simple to use and cost friendly.

No matter what aesthetic problem you have with your teeth, cosmetic dentistry could be the best answer.

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Sensible Teeth Whitening for a Natural Look

Undergoing a professional teeth whitening treatment can help restore a youthful, healthy appearance to a person’s smile. Unfortunately, some people who use store bought kits take teeth whitening too far, and the result is an unnaturally bright smile. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a whiter smile, but it’s important that people don’t overdo a good thing and possibly cause damage to their teeth.

Achieving a healthy, natural-looking smile

It’s common for a cosmetic dentist to have to remove previous cosmetic treatments such as veneers, bonding or crowns because they have an unnatural appearance. The reason for their unnatural appearance is usually because the dentist who places them didn’t take advantage of today’s innovative technology, materials, and techniques and the results were smile enhancements that appeared fake. All patients desire a natural look to their cosmetic enhancements, and it’s easy to achieve with a professional, experienced cosmetic dentist.

Avoiding unnatural looking teeth whitening

Going too far with at-home teeth whitening or “bleaching” doesn’t give people the youthful, healthy smile they desire, as overly white teeth appear unnatural. A properly done in-office teeth whitening removes stains from teeth and lightens the color of teeth to brighten the face and give a youthful glow. For someone thinking about a teeth-whitening treatment, the following elements require consideration:

  • Age – The appearance of a natural white smile varies with age so what’s natural for a 30-year-old isn’t the same as for a 60-year-old. With normal aging, teeth become duller and discolored and bleaching too light for a person’s age comes off as fake.
  • Current shade of teeth – Whitening teeth to the point where they’re as white as they can go should never be the goal of a treatment because it won’t look better, it will look unnatural. Opting for a professional in-office teeth whitening ensures that the dentist brightens teeth to a shade that’s appropriate for the patient.
  • Natural complexion – A patient’s teeth and their natural complexion should share similar undertones to achieve a natural look. An experienced cosmetic dentist knows exactly how to whiten teeth to match a person’s skin tone.

Maintaining a brightened smile

To keep a newly brightened smile looking lustrous and healthy longer, patients should avoid drinking colored beverages that can stain or, at least, rinse after consuming them. Another way to avoid drink stains on teeth is to drink through a straw when appropriate. When a patient has their teeth brightened to a degree that complements them and flatters them naturally, they’re eager to share their smile with the world.

Creative Dental offers teeth whitening that’s effective, safe, fast and caused minimal teeth sensitivity. Contact us today to find out how to achieve a brighter, more youthful smile.

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General Dentist Westfield NJ

Protecting Cosmetic Restorations

An improved and restored smile from a cosmetic dentist can bring life-changing benefits. Cosmetic dentistry including dental implants, teeth whitening, dental crowns and porcelain veneers give patients amazing, aesthetic solutions for a healthy, stunning smile that helps them express their personality. Undergoing cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve a smile represent a significant investment in money and time and it’s important that patients protect their smile for the future.

Daily maintenance important

How well a patient cares for their cosmetic treatments such as implants and veneers helps determine how long those restorations last. Maintaining good oral hygiene and regular exams and cleanings are vital for extending the lifetime of cosmetic dental treatments. Spending the time to brush twice a day, floss at least once and rinse between meals goes a long way toward maintaining the health and durability of restorations and preventing the need for replacements.

Likelihood of replacement

Some cosmetic dental restorations such as dental crowns and dental bridges are more likely to require replacement eventually, and any good cosmetic dentist makes patients aware of this before any procedure. However, cosmetic restorations such as dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care, which is an added benefit of investing in them. Poor hygiene, bad eating habits and tobacco use can lead to the need for replacement sooner than otherwise needed. The better a patient cares for their cosmetic restoration, the longer it’s likely to last.

Cosmetic treatments with easy maintenance

Some cosmetic procedures including clear braces and teeth whitening are easy to maintain compared to others. Patients who limit their intake of staining foods and drinks can keep their smiles bright for six months to a year and sometimes longer. For those with clear braces, as long as they remove the aligners to eat, clean teeth after meals and maintain great oral hygiene at the end of treatment, they’ll enjoy the benefits of straighter teeth for a lifetime. The best way to know how to care for freshly whitened teeth or those undergoing straightening is to discuss proper care with the cosmetic dentist and ask about ways to increase the longevity of a restored smile.

When you invest in the cosmetic restoration and health of your smile, it can benefit your overall well-being as well as improve self-confidence and self-esteem. At Creative Dental, we know that everyone deserves the beautiful smile they’ve always wanted, and we encourage you to contact us today to discuss your specific cosmetic dentistry needs.

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Wedding Day Teeth Whitening

Have a Whiter Smile for Your Autumn Wedding

The autumn colors provide the perfect backdrop for this season’s weddings, and every bride wants to look her best in the big day’s photos. A bride should always be confident in her smile and happy to share it and show it on her wedding day and with some helpful tips, including ways to amplify her smile, that’s easy to achieve.

White dress and pearly whites

On her wedding day, the bride smiles almost all day long through pictures, the ceremony, and the reception. She’s happy and excited, and the last thing she wants to worry about is her smile appearing dull in comparison to her wedding dress. An in-office professional cleaning followed by a teeth whitening from the dentist is the most effective and safest option for a brighter, healthier smile. To make that newly-brightened smile stand out a bit more, the bride may want to consider a facial three weeks before the wedding and a spray tan the week before.

A beautiful mouth overall

Certain lipstick colors can enhance the bride’s smile such as soft pinks and peaches that bring out the luminosity of a freshly-whitened smile. For a truly dazzling effect, a bold bride can opt for red lipstick. Along with lipstick, the area around the lips should look its best, and this is possible by using a cosmetic brightener such as one used around the eyes. The brightener can help create a smooth, perfect lip line to frame those pearly whites. To ensure that the chosen lip color lasts through all the kissing, eating and drinking of the big day, the bride should first exfoliate the lips, then use a hydrating, colorless lip pencil for lining and end by brushing on the lipstick as this presses the pigment into the lips and can make it last longer.

Maintaining a bright, fresh smile

Following a dental teeth whitening, the bride should avoid consuming dark food and beverages such as blueberries, tea or coffee as they can stain teeth. If the bride wants to touch up her whitening just before the big day, it’s best to consult a dentist to find the ideal at-home solution. On the wedding day, the bride should keep mints handy to freshen breath or snatch a lemon wedge from the bar for a natural way to prevent bad breath.

The most beautiful bride is one who can smile, laugh and feel carefree and confident in her radiant smile. If your big day is coming up soon, Creative Dental has numerous cosmetic dentistry options to ensure that you’re a glowing, ravishing autumn bride with a healthy, bright smile.

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teeth whitening sensitivity

Reduce the likelihood of tooth sensitivity associated with teeth whitening

Patients with tooth discoloration and stains can greatly benefit from teeth whitening, and while it’s very safe and effective when performed by a dental professional, there are still potential side effects to remember. With a better understanding of the teeth whitening process and realistic expectations of results, patients can feel more confident in their cosmetic dentistry choices.

Safety of in-office teeth whitening

The side effects of teeth whitening treatments aren’t serious, but they can be bothersome if you’re not prepared. In-office whitening treatments are very safe as the dentist takes precautions to protect the health of your teeth and gums, but at-home treatments don’t have the same assurances. Before using any at-home teeth whitening treatments, consult with your dentist to ensure that it’s safe for your specific oral health. The most common side effect from teeth whitening is tooth sensitivity with the potential for gum irritation, but these and other symptoms should only last a few days after treatment.

Dealing with tooth sensitivity from whitening treatments

Dentinal tubes are minute pores located in the dentin layer of your teeth, which is located just under the top enamel layer. These dentinal tubes sometimes react with the bleaching solution used in teeth whitening and this leads to tooth sensitivity in some patients. The dentinal tubes can become extra sensitive after exposure to the whitening gel, which makes contact with cold or hot food and drink uncomfortable for 2-3 days. Consuming lukewarm or room-temperature food and drinks can reduce this discomfort as can brushing your teeth and rinsing using lukewarm water instead of cold.

Preventing and treating gum irritation from teeth whitening

Gum irritation following teeth whitening is rarer than tooth sensitivity, but it does happen. The cause of gum irritation is teeth whitening gel coming in contact with gum tissue instead of remaining on the teeth surfaces. This contact can lead to soreness and irritation of the gums and this may last 2-3 days. During professional teeth whitening from your dentist, they supervise the process to make sure that the whitening gel doesn’t contact your gums and cause irritation. When using an at-home teeth-whitening kit, follow all instructions carefully, and if the gel contacts your gums, quickly wipe it away with a cotton swab to minimize the chances of irritation.

Find the best teeth whitening option for your specific oral needs by contacting Creative Dental. We offer safe, in-office teeth whitening treatment including one-hour teeth whitening for your fast-paced life.

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