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Does Snap-On Smile Work for Missing Teeth?

If you suffer from missing teeth, you understand all too well the embarrassment and feelings of guilt that this condition causes. Missing teeth can happen for many different reasons; some are preventable, and others are not the fault of the person. You might have one or more missing teeth due to a necessary extraction, a traumatic incident such as a car accident, as a symptom of disease treatment such as chemotherapy, as a result of poor dental hygiene, or for one of many other possible causes. The important thing to know is that in this day of modern dentistry, you don’t have to suffer from missing teeth.

A Treatment for Missing Teeth

At Creative Dental Cosmetic & General Dentistry, professional treatment for missing teeth is just an ordinary part of the day. Patients routinely come to see the professional dentists in Westfield, NJ for help recovering from a damaged smile from missing teeth. One of the most popular and effective treatments is Snap-On Smile for missing teeth. This is a no-nonsense, non-invasive way to treat the problem of missing teeth.

What are the Problems Associated With Having Missing Teeth?

First, missing teeth can cause devastating problems relating to self-esteem. Although looks are considered secondary to the nature of a person, we do tend to judge and be judged by the way we look. Unfortunately, those with missing teeth can experience a very negative reaction from others, resulting in a lack of confidence, and sometimes even depression or an unwillingness to engage in social activities.

Missing teeth can also negatively impact nutrition. It’s often difficult to chew and drink with missing teeth. This condition can also impact the ability to sing, laugh and speak. Missing teeth can lead to poor oral hygiene, advanced bacterial infection and secondary general health issues. The most important thing that your dentist in Westfield, NJ wants you to know is that missing teeth can and should be remedied.

Snap-On Smile Missing Teeth Solution

The Snap-On Smile missing teeth solution is one that will leave you happy, feeling confident and able to smile again without embarrassment or guilt. In fact, missing teeth is one of the main issues that Snap-On Smile was designed to take care of! This affordable solution consists of a reversible, removable and realistic looking prosthetic arch. Getting the Snap-On Smile missing teeth solution does not require any painful shots or drilling. It can usually be completed in just two dentist visits.

The Process of the Snap-On Smile Missing Teeth Solution

Snap-On Smile is a painless way to take care of your missing teeth problem. Simply make an appointment with your Westfield, NJ dentist who does Snap-On Smile. At your appointment, you’ll be able to choose the shade and style of your Snap-On Smile that you like the most. Next, your Westfield, NJ dentist will take an impression of your teeth. The impression will be used by a lab to create a Snap-On Smile device for you. After a few weeks, you’ll come back to be fitted with the Snap-On Smile.

Why suffer from the look of missing teeth any longer? Let Creative Dental and Snap-On Smile remedy your situation for good! Call or email today for your first appointment!

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