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5 Amazing Reasons Why having A Friendly Dentist Can Help Your Smile

Nine to 15% of Americans avoid trips to their dentist. Why? They suffer from dental anxiety that prevents their pearly whites from receiving necessary checkups.

Dental anxiety creates a sense of uneasiness and makes a person terrified of dental procedures. Pain, embarrassment, and feeling loss of control are all reasons people develop dental phobia.

A friendly dentist makes dental checkups enjoyable and reduces fear in patients. Happy dentists make patients feel at ease and are easy to talk to. A trusted dentist conquers dental fears and keeps your smile shining.

Reasons to Visit a Friendly Dentist

A welcoming atmosphere is essential for a relaxing dental visit. A friendly dentist makes everyone feel comfortable. The more your dentist cares about your oral hygiene, the more you’ll do to ensure your teeth remain in tip-top shape.

1. Patients Feel Comfortable

When people feel relaxed at the dentist, the entire process is much simpler. Instead of avoiding your next appointment, you’ll look forward to your afternoon in the dentist’s chair.

Friendly dentists make casual chitchat with patients before and after their dental cleanings. They check in to make sure you’re comfortable and don’t feel pain.

Friendly dentists ensure patients aren’t scared of their dental tools by explaining each process as they go through them. When you know what your dentist is doing and why he or she is doing it, the visit goes smoother.

2. You Can Ask More Questions

An approachable dentist is the best dentist. When you feel comfortable around your dental provider, you’re more likely to ask him or her questions to help you maintain better dental practices.

What are some questions you should be asking your dentist? They include:

  • What can I do at home to improve my smile?
  • How often should my teeth be cleaned?
  • Am I doing something wrong when I brush my teeth?
  • How can I tell if I grind my teeth at night?
  • What foods should I steer clear of to keep my teeth white?

Receiving answers to your dental questions makes a trip to the dentist more informative and encourages improved dental practices at home.

3. Dentists Who Care Help You Care

When your friendly dentist cares about your health, you’ll put more effort into keeping your pearly whites clean. A friendly dentist provides you with at-home dental hygiene tips to ensure you doing everything to can to keep your chompers in great condition.

In fact, many people who take pride in their smiles look forward to their dental visits to show their dentist how well they’ve been caring for their teeth. Are you one of them? 

4. Children Prefer Friendly Dentists

It’s common for children to experience a fear of the dentist. But a friendly, fun, and happy dentist resolves those fears and helps your little one enjoy his or her time in the chair.

Whatever you do, don’t let your child avoid dental appointments. This will only encourage their fear and lead to poor dental hygiene habits.

Instead, take your child to a family-friendly dentist who has experience working with kids. These types of dentists know how to handle first-time visitors and will go out of their way to make sure the appointment is a positive one.

A happy dentist can chat with your child and make jokes to ease their worries. They may even reward your child after their visit with a free toothbrush, stickers, or prize.

5. Caring Dentists Fix Your Smile

A caring dentist gives you plenty of reasons to smile. Friendly dental providers encourage better at-home dental care and recommend helpful treatments to achieve better teeth. He or she can give you information about dental veneers, deep cleanings, implants, and more procedures that result in better smiles.

You should feel comfortable to ask your dentist about ways to improve your dental hygiene as well as extra treatments. Behind every beautiful smile is a friendly dentist’s helping hand.

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When it comes to dental care, look no further than Creative Dentistry. Our staff is made up of helpful, approachable, and knowledgeable dentists who are ready to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

If you’re looking for a friendly dentist, make an appointment at our dental center. We’re ready to give you a reason to smile.

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