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6 Signs You Found the Best Dentist in Town!

Did you know that approximately 9% to 15% of Americans suffer from a legit phobia of the dentist? About a third of people who don’t go to the dentist cite fear as being the reason.

Even if you wouldn’t say that you have a phobia, you probably don’t enjoy it very much. It’s just not one of those things that people get warm fuzzy feelings about doing.

But regularly seeing a dentist is important. What would help you feel more comfortable? How about a likable dentist whose personality puts you at ease?

That’s a great start and there are a few other characteristics that make the best dentist. Let’s check them out!

1. Personable and Engaging

Would you appreciate more a sour-faced miser working on your teeth or a jovial dentist with a repertoire of jokes? Even if they’re bad jokes, you’ll still enjoy a visit to the latter far more than the former.

In addition to putting you at ease, your dentist should be willing to listen to and address your concerns.

2. Patient

A patient dentist is also important. Especially if you’re feeling a touch of anxiety, your dentist should be willing to slow down and let you take your time. They should schedule a long enough time slot for each patient to be able to fully dedicate themselves to your best care.

3. Knows Their Stuff

A good dentist also knows their stuff. A string of letters after their name and diplomas on the wall only means so much. When your dentist sits down and works with you, do you get the impression they know what they’re talking about? Do they seem confident about the recommendations they give you?

4. Educates the Patient

Another sign of a good dentist is that they take the time to educate their patients. This not only shows the depth of their knowledge but also indicates that they want you to understand what’s happening.

You may not be an expert in dental care, but it is your mouth. You should have the tools you need to make the right decisions about your oral health.

5. Artistic

An artistic dentist is particularly important when you are having cosmetic work done. You want your teeth to look amazing. Find a dentist who can understand your vision for your smile and can make it happen.

6. Precise and Detailed

Whether filling a cavity, removing a tooth or crafting an implant, your dentist should be very precise and detailed. Even if it’s just a routine cleaning your dentist should take care. A slovenly job won’t give you your best smile and could even lead to complications down the road.

The Best Dentist

There you have it, 6 indicators of the best dentist. Now, think about your dentist —how do they stack up with this list?

What if you think your dentist falls short, or don’t have a dentist at all? Feel free to contact us here at Creative Dental. Dr. Joseph Banker is all this and more. Get ready for your best smile!

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