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Have an Awesome Dentist Do Immediate Load Implant Surgery

Patients with a missing tooth or several missing teeth have more replacement options today than ever before. Tooth replacement with dental implants continues to grow in popularity as implants offer various advantages over dentures and dental bridges. With a dental implant, the dentist inserts a titanium post in the jawbone to support the replacement tooth, and that post fills where the natural tooth root was, thus preventing jawbone loss. Dental implants have a high success rate and immediate load dental implants do as well in the right conditions, but it’s vital that patients understand the pros and cons of immediate load implants before making a decision.

Advantages of immediate load implants

For immediate load implants, the dentist places the implants and temporary replacement teeth within 48 hours after surgery. The temporary implants remain in place until the area heals and then replaced with permanent crowns. Placing the temporary teeth right away instead of waiting until after surgery site healing (as in traditional dental implants) helps the soft tissue around the implant take a more natural shape and prepares the area for the permanent crown. Other advantages of immediate load implants include:

  • Shorter treatment period – Immediate load implants can replace a missing front tooth almost right away while traditional dental implants can take up to six months for restoration. When the missing tooth is in the front, many patients want fast results and will choose a replacement like a dental bridge. However, a dental bridge that doesn’t offer the dental implant benefit of replacing the tooth root and preventing jawbone loss, which is why immediate load implants can be a better choice.
  • Single surgical procedure – During the immediate load implant procedure, the dentist places the implant, abutment and temporary crown, which reduces treatment time as it eliminates the 3-6 month healing time before the placement of the abutment and crown.
  • Better gum tissue match – With traditional implants, the dentist places healing caps on the dental implants to shape the tissue. However, with immediate load implants, the dentist places the temporary crown, which has a shape to the permanent crown, which provides better aesthetic results than healing caps.
  • Reduce the physical and psychological impact of missing teeth – Immediate load implants replace missing teeth without dentures and without the patient having to endure gaps in their smile during healing.

Risks of immediate load implants

Immediate load implants involve a very precise placement technique, and this means that even the slightest movement may increase the risk of implant failure. An experienced dental surgeon takes every precaution to eliminate movement while the implant is integrated into the jawbone, but there’s still a small risk. Immediate load implants only work in specific situations where the jawbone is strong enough to support the torque of placing the implant. Having strong, healthy teeth adjacent to the implant location is the ideal situation, and immediate implants work better in the lower jaw rather than the upper because the lower jawbone is stronger and denser than the upper.

Although immediate load implants have their advantage and disadvantages, all types of dental implant procedures have at least a small risk associated with them. However, with current dental implant treatments continuing innovations, dental implants can be a viable tooth replacement option for all types of patients. Contact Creative Dental today to find out more about immediate load and traditional dental implants.

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