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Snap-On Smile

Benefits of Snap-On Smile

While many people want a beautiful smile and can benefit from a complete smile makeover, it’s not always in their current budget to go through the dental treatments and procedures they might need for that smile. Thankfully, Snap-On Smile offers an affordable, temporary solution so patients can experience a beautiful smile and get a preview of what their smile can look like after more permanent smile solutions.

Suitable for almost everyone

One of the biggest benefits of Snap-On Smile is that it’s suitable for almost everyone and requires no special circumstances to qualify for treatment. This dental appliance can be life changing for individuals who are embarrassed by their smile as it helps restore the confidence to smile proudly. Within two brief and painless dental appointments without any drilling, shots or change in tooth structure, patients can have their Snap-On Smile.

What it is

Snap-On Smile is a removable appliance made from a unique, proprietary formula of hi-tech dental resins that “snaps” or slips on over a patient’s existing teeth. This appliance can cover the entire lower or upper arch of a patient’s mouth and immediately disguises stained, chipped, crowded, unevenly space and missing teeth. The material is thin, strong and looks like natural teeth and you can eat and drink while wearing it. Snap-On Smile is a suitable temporary solution while saving up for permanent dental restoration or a cosmetic solution that patients can wear as needed and that can last several years before requiring replacement.

Benefits of Snap-On Smile

The benefits of Snap-On Smile are numerous and help make this affordable, simple solution appealing for many patients seeking to improve their smile. Benefits include:

Aesthetically pleasing

  • Fast process that requires only two visits and as little as two weeks
  • More affordable than other cosmetic dentistry treatments
  • Suitable for almost everyone
  • Alternative for those who aren’t good candidates for implants or bridges
  • Comfortable attractive alternative to partial denture
  • Comfortable
  • Painless application and no alteration in tooth structure
  • Completely reversible and removable at any time

How it’s done

The process for obtaining a Snap-On Smile from the dentist is fast and painless. A patient goes in for the first visit to choose the shade and style of their new smile, the dentist takes an impression of your teeth and sends that off to a lab that creates the dental appliance. Within 2-3 weeks, the patient returns to the dentist for the final fitting and leaves the office wearing the Snap-On Smile.

Important considerations

It’s important for people considering Snap-On Smile to realize that it isn’t an ideal solution for everyone. Although Snap-On Smile provides an instantly improve a smile, it’s a temporary solution as the appliance has a limited lifetime before needing replacement. Some patients experience changes in speech for a few weeks after placement as they adjust to having the dental appliance. Snap-On Smile can be worn all day but should be removed at night for sleep. The appliance resists stains well, but exposure to beverages such as wine and coffee can stain it over time, just as they stain natural teeth. Snap-On Smile requires regular cleaning and while patients can eat and drink normally, they should avoid sticky foods and gum.

Snap-On Smile is a good way to test drive a new smile before committing to permanent cosmetic dentistry treatments such as Invisalign or veneers and it can instantly restore the smile of those who previously felt embarrassed to smile. Find out if Snap-On Smile can work for your dental needs and learn about additional cosmetic dentistry solutions by contacting Creative Dental.

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