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benefits of smiling

Smiling Boosts Health and Happiness

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When it comes to improving your social life, succeeding in business and maybe even boosting the romance in your life, the most important part of your wardrobe is your smile. Wearing the latest trends, having an impressive work portfolio, and hitting the social scene aren’t necessarily enough to boost your business and personal life without a great smile to compliment the whole package. Smiling reveals an array of characteristics and emotions to those around you and has added health benefits for both you and them.


There are many reasons why people smile such as embarrassment, confusion, or deception, but when the smile is sincere and positive, it’s much more powerful and effective. Slapping a smile on your face when you’re in a bad mood isn’t going to fool anyone. Your eyes reveal your true emotions. During a genuine, happy smile, the skin around your eyes bunches up, your cheeks rise, and your gaze seems brighter. Seeing this sincerity in your smile helps people gauge your emotions and makes you much more approachable.


Your smile is a powerful tool and indicator of success in your professional life. Studies have shown that people who give genuinely happy smiles live happier lives and have a better sense of well-being. People who smile appear more competent and positive than those who don’t smile or who fake smiles when it suits them. When you project positivity with your smile, you appear more open, flexible, trustworthy, and better able to handle whatever the corporate world sends your way.


Smiling boosts your happiness, pure and simple. Researchers have discovered that even when people receive instructions to smile as part of a study, their brain activity shows that they do actually feel happy. Smiling during stressful situations can help calm you down and even lower you heart rate. This is due to the endorphins released during smiling that give you a natural high similar to what occurs during a workout. Try it sometime. When you’re feeling low or stressed, force yourself to smile and chances are, your mood will lift along with the corners of your mouth.


Smiles are contagious and your smile can be enough to inspire others to smile and even improve their mood. When someone sees another person smiling, it triggers an area in the brain that controls facial movement, which usually leads to that person smiling too.


Strengthening your immune system is as simple as smiling. When you smile, your body produces white blood cells, which aid in fighting illness. Listening to stories, watching a good movie, spending time with family and friends and anything else that makes you smile improves your white blood cell count, which boosts your health.

Attractive and approachable

Smiling increases your attractiveness to those around you because it indicates that you’re empathetic, personable, and laid back. A smile encourages others to engage in social activities with you, which can start new friendships and improve your romantic status. As an added bonus, if you’re feeling a bit out of place in social settings, smiling can relax you and make your feel more comfortable.

A genuine smile boosts your health, mood and confidence and can even create happiness for those who see you smile. Unfortunately, if you’re uncomfortable with your smile due to cosmetic issues with your teeth, you’re depriving the world of the positive effects of your grin. Creative Dental is here to help you improve your smile with a variety of dental treatments because we understand the importance of a healthy, beautiful smile.

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