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Dental implants allow you to eat the food you love

Dental Implants Versus Other Replacement Options

Quite often, dental implants are the standard of care and first choice for tooth replacement when compared to other restoration options. One of the main reasons for this is how closely dental implants resemble and function like healthy, natural teeth. Dental implants restore a lost tooth or teeth in a strong, stable way that appears, fits, functions, and feels like natural teeth. While other options may appear cosmetically natural, the replacement of the tooth root is a valuable feature of dental implants.

Dental Implants vs. Other Tooth Replacement Options

For people with good oral and overall health, dental implants are a tooth replacement option worth exploring. Full or partial dentures and bridges don’t stay in place like natural teeth, but dental implants function like natural teeth. Other advantages dental implants have over other tooth replacement procedures include:

  • Lasting, predictable results – While tooth-supported dental bridges and dentures may only last 5-10 years before needing replacement, dental implants last a lifetime with proper care. Dental implants have a record of long-term, reliable success and have more predictable results than other tooth replacement options.
  • No worrying – With dental implants, you never have to worry about your teeth slipping as they can with dentures. Dental implants look, act and feel natural.
  • Natural facial appearance – Missing teeth can lead to a sunken appearance as facial structures sag without proper jawbone support, but dental implants enable you to maintain your natural facial appearance and smile.
  • Normal speaking – For some, adjusting to speaking with dentures is a struggle as they re-learn how to pronounce everyday words. Dental implants function like natural teeth, which means you can continue to speak normally.
  • Eat what you like – While dentures and bridges may limit your diet to softer foods to avoid damaging them, dental implants allow you to bite, eat and taste your food naturally.
  • Preserve and protect natural teeth – The placement of a tooth supported bridge requires grinding away some of the tooth structure on adjacent teeth and this damages healthy teeth. Dental implants don’t require modifying adjacent teeth because they go in the jawbone in place of missing teeth. When dental implants fill the space left by missing teeth, they prevent nearby teeth from shifting into that space.
  • Avoid jawbone deterioration – When you don’t replace missing teeth, you run the risk of deterioration and loss of a portion of your jawbone. The jawbone deteriorates when it’s not supporting a natural tooth, and this leads to loss of firmness and strength. Dental implants preserve and stimulate natural bone, promoting bone growth and preventing bone loss. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that can do that.
  • Non-removable – Unlike dentures that require removal nightly and can slip or fall out, dental implants stay permanently in your mouth where they belong. Dental implants don’t require repositioning like dentures can because they remain fixed in place and fuse with your jawbone, which means they don’t click, shift or move.
  • Cavity-free – Even though dental implants look, feel and function like natural teeth, they’re not susceptible to the decay of natural teeth and can’t get cavities. As long as you care for your implants with great oral hygiene practices, your implants remain flawless.

When you’re seeking a reliable, safe, predictable and natural tooth replacement option, explore the possibility of dental implants from Creative Dental.

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Dental Bonding New Jersey

Cosmetic Dental Bonding for a Beautiful Smile

If you feel too embarrassed by the appearance of your teeth to share your smile, dental bonding can restore your confidence by repairing minor dental flaws. Cosmetic dental bonding improves dental proportions, conceals flaws, and can brighten the appearance of stained teeth to transform your smile into one you’re happy to show off.

Dental bonding treatment

During cosmetic dental bonding, your dentist uses a putty-like resin on your teeth to improve dental aesthetics. These dental aesthetics can include masking imperfections and correcting unwanted teeth shape. The dentist colors the bonding resin to match your natural teeth or makes the resin brighter to restore the appearance of teeth that have deep stains. The dentist applies the malleable resin to your tooth’s surface then works with it until it’s the desired shape and size.

When your dentist achieves the desired results, he or she then uses a special light on the resin that hardens and cures the bonding material. After the resin hardens, the dentist shapes and trims the bonded teeth as necessary and polishes them for a vibrant, healthy shine. Dental bonding can take from 30-60 minutes and usually only requires one dental visit.

Common applications of cosmetic dental bonding

Dentists use cosmetic dental bonding to resolve and improve various dental conditions and flaws in patients. The most common applications of dental bonding include:

  • Closing gaps between teeth – A faster method than orthodontia, cosmetic bonding closes minor gaps between teeth in as little as one visit.
  • Stain treatment – When professional teeth whitening can’t remove deep stains, cosmetic dental bonding can restore the appearance of extremely stained teeth.
  • Treating minor decay – Having minor decay on front teeth can be embarrassing and cosmetic dental bonding is a more aesthetic treatment than metal fillings.
  • Repairing chips and fractures – Teeth with small chips and minor fractures are vulnerable to decay, and dental bonding restores and repairs damaged teeth.
  • Improving misshapen teeth – Jagged, pointy, misshapen teeth are easy to correct with dental bonding.
  • Adjusting teeth size – For teeth that are large or small in comparison to others, cosmetic dental bonding is an effective way of adjusting teeth size for a properly proportioned appearance.

Cosmetic dental bonding can restore the healthy condition and appearance of your teeth by repairing minor oral issues. Healthy looking and feeling teeth can give you the confidence to smile proudly again. Learn more about dental bonding and other cosmetic and restorative dental treatments by contacting Creative Dental.

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celebrity smile

Celebrities Who Have Had Cosmetic Dental Work

If you’ve ever looked at celebrities and felt envious of their perfect smiles, you can take comfort in knowing that many of them weren’t born with bright, straight, flawless teeth. In fact, you might be surprised to learn just how many movie stars, singers, and other celebrities have had cosmetic dentistry done over the years.

While some may forget, celebrities are human just like everybody else. When they want to improve their smile, they seek out help from cosmetic dentistry procedures. From minor gaps and chips to more noticeable work like full veneers and dentures, famous people have done what was necessary to achieve a smile they’re happy to share with the world. If you’re looking for some inspiration for a new smile, take a look at these before and after pictures to see just how much a little cosmetic dentistry can do.

George Clooney Cosmetic Dentistry

George Clooney

Sometime after his days on the TV show “Facts of Life,” George Clooney got a full set of veneers. The reason for his veneers is more than cosmetic though as his teeth grinding while stressed created a need for improving his teeth.

Hilary Duff Cosmetic Dentistry

Hillary Duff

Following an incident where she chipped a tooth on a microphone during a concert, Hillary Duff opted for full veneers instead of just fixing the one damaged tooth. The veneers put her less than perfect teenage teeth behind her and added to her more mature look.

Zac Efron Cosmetic Dentistry

Zac Effron

Before his rocket to stardom from Disney’s “High School Musical,” Zac Effron had uneven teeth and a center gap. With some cosmetic dentistry to fill the gap, straighten his smile, and whiten his teeth, Zac has been enjoying his heartthrob status.

Kate Beckinsale Cosmetic Dentistry

Kate Beckinsale

British actress best known for her starring roles in the “Underworld” movies, Kate Beckinsale had lots to smile about with her perfect teeth as a teenager. However, she decided she need to up the wattage a bit on her perfect smile and now has perfectly pearly whites.

Morgan Freeman Cosmetic Dentistry

Morgan Freeman

With his breakout success from starring in “Driving Miss Daisy,” Morgan Freeman started a lucrative Hollywood career at an older age than most other celebrities did. As his teeth yellowed from age, he opted to have them whitened and then later had the gap between his front teeth fixed. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, Morgan appears at least ten years younger, and he will continue to shine in great movie roles.

Demi Moore Cosmetic Dentistry

Demi Moore

Although she’s now in her 50’s, Demi Moore is as lovely as ever, thanks in part to veneers. When her teeth started to yellow a decade ago, she explored several cosmetic dentistry options before choosing veneers. Now her teeth appear naturally bright and straighter than before.

Nicolas Cage Cosmetic Dentistry

Nicolas Cage

Some actors throw themselves into their roles and Nicolas Cage is one of them. For his part in “Birdy” from 1984, he had two excellent teeth pulled to achieve the right appearance for the role. To achieve better roles as a leading man, Cage gave his teeth a makeover with a full set of veneers. It wasn’t just his teeth that earned him an Oscar for “Leaving Las Vegas,” but that winning smile certainly didn’t hurt!

Celine Dion Cosmetic Dentistry

Celine Dion

Once her career started to take flight, singer Celine Dion decided to have cosmetic dentistry procedure to improve her smile. Nowadays her teeth are whiter and smaller than they appeared in the 1980’s, which is ideal for a profession where everyone is looking at your mouth.

Keith Urban Cosmetic Dentistry

Keith Urban

When he started out, Australian country singer Keith Urban had a less than perfect smile with a gap between his front teeth. Although he hasn’t revealed what exactly he had done, by the time he married fellow Australian, Nicole Kidman in 2006, the gap was gone, and his teeth were whiter and straighter.

Catherine Zeta Jones Cosmetic Dentistry

Catherine Zeta Jones

Having suffered teasing for her crooked teeth when she was a child, Catherine Zeta Jones has lots to be happy and smile about these days. Thanks to various procedures through the years, Jones now has a perfect smile of white, straight teeth that are enough to make her former teasers jealous.

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