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6 Signs You Found the Best Dentist in Town!

Did you know that approximately 9% to 15% of Americans suffer from a legit phobia of the dentist? About a third of people who don’t go to the dentist cite fear as being the reason.

Even if you wouldn’t say that you have a phobia, you probably don’t enjoy it very much. It’s just not one of those things that people get warm fuzzy feelings about doing.

But regularly seeing a dentist is important. What would help you feel more comfortable? How about a likable dentist whose personality puts you at ease?

That’s a great start and there are a few other characteristics that make the best dentist. Let’s check them out!

1. Personable and Engaging

Would you appreciate more a sour-faced miser working on your teeth or a jovial dentist with a repertoire of jokes? Even if they’re bad jokes, you’ll still enjoy a visit to the latter far more than the former.

In addition to putting you at ease, your dentist should be willing to listen to and address your concerns.

2. Patient

A patient dentist is also important. Especially if you’re feeling a touch of anxiety, your dentist should be willing to slow down and let you take your time. They should schedule a long enough time slot for each patient to be able to fully dedicate themselves to your best care.

3. Knows Their Stuff

A good dentist also knows their stuff. A string of letters after their name and diplomas on the wall only means so much. When your dentist sits down and works with you, do you get the impression they know what they’re talking about? Do they seem confident about the recommendations they give you?

4. Educates the Patient

Another sign of a good dentist is that they take the time to educate their patients. This not only shows the depth of their knowledge but also indicates that they want you to understand what’s happening.

You may not be an expert in dental care, but it is your mouth. You should have the tools you need to make the right decisions about your oral health.

5. Artistic

An artistic dentist is particularly important when you are having cosmetic work done. You want your teeth to look amazing. Find a dentist who can understand your vision for your smile and can make it happen.

6. Precise and Detailed

Whether filling a cavity, removing a tooth or crafting an implant, your dentist should be very precise and detailed. Even if it’s just a routine cleaning your dentist should take care. A slovenly job won’t give you your best smile and could even lead to complications down the road.

The Best Dentist

There you have it, 6 indicators of the best dentist. Now, think about your dentist —how do they stack up with this list?

What if you think your dentist falls short, or don’t have a dentist at all? Feel free to contact us here at Creative Dental. Dr. Joseph Banker is all this and more. Get ready for your best smile!

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choosing family dentist

The Advantages of Choosing a Family Dentistry Practice

Whether you are selecting a general practitioner, a dermatologist, or a pediatrician for your children, choosing a medical provider requires a little bit of research and careful consideration. The same process applies to choosing a dental provider as well. You may have many questions when considering a new dental practice, and you wonder if your children need a separate pediatric dentist.

You may wonder if you all of your family’s needs can be met by one practice and one dentist. If you are in need of a dentist for your family, consider the advantages of a family dentistry practice.


Busy families may find that the convenience of a family dentist is the biggest advantage to choosing a family dentist to care for their oral health needs.

  • Ease of scheduling: No need to schedule the kids’ appointments across town from your dentist. All of your family’s dental needs can be met under one roof, which makes scheduling much easier for you!
  • All of your care in one place: As children get older, there is no need to switch their dental practices (pediatric to general). From the first tooth and beyond, we can manage your dental needs, even as you grow.


When choosing a family dentist, a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere of the office plays a big role in the comfort of patients from the moment they walk in the door. Whether you are bringing a shy five-year-old or a nervous elderly family member to an appointment, the atmosphere of our office comforts patients of all ages. Patients, especially the children, will enjoy watching TV during their cleanings, while adults take comfort in the massaging dental chairs.

From tots to seniors, the atmosphere of our office will leave all of our patients feeling at ease.

Preventative care

Like a traditional dental practice, a family dentistry practices offer preventative care to patients. The difference is that family dentists are knowledgebase in caring for every member of your family. Preventative care services include:

  • Routine cleanings: The American Dental Association recommends that individuals six months of age and older keep routine cleaning appointments as part of a healthy oral plan of care.
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Thorough examinations

Preventative care is an important part of dentistry as this can help detect small issues before they develop into larger problems.

Knowledge and expertise

Another advantage to choosing a family dentistry practice is that every member of your family benefits from the knowledge and expertise of the dentist. You’ll never have to worry about your child’s tooth extraction or your filling; Dr. Banker is knowledgeable of general dentistry services for all ages:

How can Creative Dental serve your family?

As your entire family grows comfortable with our practice, you’ll find it easy to stay on track with your routine cleanings every six months. If you have questions about family dentistry or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today!

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family dentistry

Is Family Dentistry Right For You?

Between school drop-offs, soccer practices, rehearsals, and driving to the office, the average family spends 17,600 minutes driving each year. Yikes! Between work and school, there are many commitments, but driving to medical appointments does account for some of that logged driving time. If you have children, consider family dentistry as a way to consolidate everyone’s dental care under one roof.

What is family dentistry?

Family dentistry refers to a dental practice that focuses on the whole family; they do not focus on just one age group. With family dentistry, dentists and their staff are knowledgeable and trained to treat dental conditions from babies to seniors.

Oral health is important to both pediatric patients and adult patients alike. However, the needs of each age group vary quite a bit. Family dentists understand this.

Pediatric dental care

Maybe you have a teething baby, or perhaps baby just sprouted his first tooth – yay! The American Dental Association recommends that a baby should start seeing the dentist within six months of that first tooth popping up, preferably before his first birthday. Routine dental appointments for babies and children are important because:

  • Parents can learn how to care for baby teeth, including how and when to introduce fluoride toothpaste.
  • Toddler’s teeth can be examined, cleaned, checked for any problem areas. Fluoride treatments help protect children’s teeth from future decay.
  • Dentists can also address issues connected to thumb sucking.
  • Cavities can be caught early before too much damage is done: If you are concerned about your child’s cavities, speak with your dentist. Sometimes the solution is as easy as avoiding sugar drinks, juices, and candy.
  • Preventative treatments such as sealants can be performed.
  • As children start to lose their baby teeth, dentists can monitor the growth of adult teeth.
  • Dentists can refer younger patients to orthodontists if necessary.

The earlier children begin to see the dentist; the easier future appointments will be. Bringing children to routine dental appointments instills good oral hygiene habits that will benefit kids for years to come.

Adult dental care

While adults do not have to worry about losing baby teeth, adults do have their dental concerns. Some adult dental concerns fall under general dentistry, but a great deal does fall under the category of cosmetic dentistry.

Why are so many adult patients concerned with cosmetic dentistry? Cosmetic procedures, including teeth whitening, are needed as a result of the wear and tear on teeth as an individual age. Many adult beverages such as coffee or red wine can stain teeth; children typically do not have this problem as their drinks (water, milk) do not normally stain teeth.

Adult dental care includes:

  • Routine exams and cleanings
  • General dentistry including extractions, dentures, root canals, crowns, bridges, and TMJ therapy
  • Cosmetic dentistry including teeth whitening, veneers, composite fillings, and crown lengthening

Creative Dental is here to help the entire family

Whether you have a baby with one tooth or a seven-year-old with missing front teeth, family dentistry can address the needs of your entire family. For family dental care services, contact Creative Dental today.

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dental visit clean and safe

5 Things Your Dentist Should Provide

Dental care is a lifelong commitment in which you and your dentist will need to work together to maintain healthy teeth and gums. When you choose a dentist, you expect him or her to possess certain qualities to make your visits comfortable and productive. While not every dentist is right for every patient, here are some essentials you should look for.

1. Do you feel safe and well-cared for in the office?

When you walk into your dentist office, do you feel that the staff is friendly and welcoming? For some, a trip to the dentist is a routine and painless part of life. For others, a dental visit can be incredibly stressful. Having a kind and compassionate dentist and staff can help dispel feelings of worry and anxiety. When you feel well-cared for, you’ll also be more likely to return for routine visits which are essential for a healthy mouth.

2. Are the dentist and staff accommodating to your needs?

A quality dentist will be accommodating to your needs. Choose a dentist who is willing to fit you in his schedule when dealing with dental emergencies. During your treatments, you should never feel rushed nor have your concerns brushed off. Your dentist should also be accommodating when it comes to your fears or concerns. For example, if you suffer from anxiety at the dental office, a quality dentist will try his best to move through the treatment slowly in an attempt to lower your stress levels.

3. Does the dentist walk you through procedures?

When it comes to effective communication, some dentists are better than others. Choose a dentist who will talk you through procedures. During treatments, you should know what he is going to do, what types of noises you can expect to hear, and what sensations you’ll likely feel. For people with a fear of dentists, talking through the procedure can help them better stay in control. Some dentists will also show what tools they are using and may demonstrate them beforehand to give you a better idea of what to expect. This process can take the unpredictability out of conventional dental procedures.

4. Are the office and patient rooms clean and hygienic?

The look and cleanliness of a dental office direclty reflects upon the dentist. Evaluate the office to determine how the staff cares for the facility. Is the waiting room clean and orderly? Are the treatment rooms neat and organized? Also look at the hygiene behaviors of the dentist and staff. Do the dentist and hygienists wear gloves and protective gear while providing patient treatment? Are tools and equipment cleaned and sterilized after every use? Be sure to ask these important questions and pay attention to your surroundings.

5. Is the dentist thorough with attention to detail?

You need your teeth for a lifetime. Therefore, it’s important to find a dentist that provides high-quality work. When performing cleanings and treatments, the dentist should be thorough to ensure that you leave with satisfactory results. A quality dentist offers skilled work with a high attention to detail. Dentistry is an ever-evolving field of medicine. Great dentists will continue to learn and train to provide patients with modern techniques.

There are several important factors to consider when choosing a new dentist. Remember that your dental provider should provide you with a comfortable, safe, and convenient place to undergo dental work. Find a dentist you can build a lasting relationship with to maintain a healthy smile well into the future.

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dentist in westfield nj

Choosing the Right Dentist in Westfield NJ

Building a healthy relationship with a dentist you can trust can make a significant difference in your long-term oral health. The right dentist will make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and will provide valuable advice on how to care for your teeth and gums. Don’t just choose the closest dentist to your home. In reality, you may need to travel a small distance to find a dentist that you love. If you’re in search of a dentist in Westfield NJ, consider the following factors before making your decision.


When choosing a dentist, you want someone who has experience in performing the specific procedures that you may require. For example, not all dentists are trained in cosmetic dentistry. If a dentist does not provide specific services, ask about his or her referral process. This allows you to maintain an optimal network of dental professionals.

Customer Service

The right dentist for you will have professional customer service, courteous staff, and an inviting office environment. When you walk into the dentist office, are you warmly welcomed by the staff? If it’s a family dentist, are the staff patient and accommodating with your children? Excellent customer service also means ease when scheduling appointments and inquiring about various topics, such as specific dental techniques.


You want to feel comfortable with your dentist and staff. The right dentist will hear, understand and validate your feelings and concerns. You should also feel comfortable enough as a patient to explain your symptoms, express any fears or anxieties, and ask questions. You should also feel comfortable asking for pain medication if needed.

Emergency Care

It’s inevitable that you may need to visit your dentist for a toothache, mouth injury, or other unexpected emergency at some time in your life. If you experience a dental emergency, you want a dentist that will be able to accommodate you on short notice. Some dentists work only during the week, while others work weekends or accept emergency visits. Ask your dentist about his or her policies for dental emergencies.


While the majority of equipment used by dentists are similar, some dentists use more advanced equipment than others. For example, if you desire braces but don’t want to go through the misery of having traditional impressions done, you may want to choose a dentist that offers digital impressions.

Payment Options

There’s no denying that professional dental work can be costly. If you do not have dental insurance, you could be looking at a bill in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars range. Many dental practices offer alternative payment options for individuals without dental insurance. Discuss what financial services are available with the dental staff to ensure that you get the treatments you need with a payment plan you can afford.


At most dental practices, routine cleanings are performed by dental hygienists or assistants. That same dental hygienist may also assist the dentist during procedures, such as when taking x-rays or setting up anesthesia. You’ll want to ensure that the hygienist also provides you with satisfactory service and proper etiquette.

Dental care is a lifetime commitment. As you and your dentist will become partners in your dental care for the long haul, you want to ensure that he or she is someone you can trust with your health. Overall, you’re looking for an experienced dentist in Westfield NJ with a good reputation that strives on customer service.

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