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Olympian Takes Her Talents to Dentistry

Have you ever thought about pursuing a career in dentistry? Mastering the dental industry has a lot of advantages that you simply don’t get on other career paths. It’s such a fantastic career choice that now a former Olympic athlete is pursuing a job in the field of dentistry. Olympic runner, Dijana Elmejdoubi is now working towards a career as a dental professional. So what makes being a dentist such an attractive possibility?

Great Pay

If you’re looking for a career that pays well, you won’t be disappointed with dentistry. While rates differ country to country, being a dentist often pays a fantastic wage. You get a high return for each service that you offer. Dental work isn’t cheap, and most dentists have an excellent, high paid lifestyle. It certainly makes up for the hard days of work that they often encounter.

Minimal Emergencies

Dental work is often seen as the little brother of the medical industry. Interestingly, though, being a dentist does have one advantage over working as a doctor. There are minimal dental emergencies. You won’t be woken up halfway through the night demanding that you come in to remove a tooth. You can rest easy knowing that you’ll only ever work office hours.

Never Boring

Being a dentist isn’t like any other nine to five job. Each day won’t be the same. You’ll be completing different procedures for new patients that present unique challenges. One day, you might be removing a tooth, the next you could be completing orthodontic work. No mouth is the same, and this seems to be what attracted Dijana Elmejdoubi.

Just nine years old when she started running, Dijana has always been working towards a goal. Whether that was to reach the finish line first or get good grades at school Dijana was always as passionate and hardworking. She was particularly interested in medicine and science, even from a young age.

In 2000, Dijana competed in the Olympic games. She raced for the Bosnian national team in the 400-meter dash. Sadly an injury kept her from competing in 2008 and bureaucratic reasons kept her out of the Olympics in 2012. After that, Dijana decided to pursue another career and became fascinated with the world of dentistry.

Unsurprisingly, Dijana was led to the career of dentistry because she wanted to find a way to help people. Her love of science and medicine made dentistry the perfect fit. During this time a mentorship helped her discover a new calling in life. Now, she is studying an MSpro program that will help her get the grades she needs to enter dentistry school.

Never one to take life slow, Dijana is also working as a teaching assistant and a control specialist at a pharmaceutical company. The athlete has clearly used what she learned on the track to win and find her way on this new career path. As she continues to pursue her dream of working as a specialist in the dental industry, Dijana strives to go above and beyond to get where she wants to be. Her passion will serve her well in the field of dentistry.

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