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how to improve your smile in pictures

How to Improve Your Smile in Pictures

Are you often disappointed by the way your smile looks in pictures? Your smile plays an important part in how you come across in images. Don’t let your teeth ruin what could potentially be a beautiful smile. Here are some tips on how to improve your smile in pictures.

Brush and Floss

The first step in ensuring a beautiful smile is to practice good oral hygiene. This includes proper brushing and flossing techniques. For best results, you should replace your toothbrush at least once a month. This will help to prevent bacteria from building up on your toothbrush, as well as ensure that you aren’t using bristles that have lost their integrity.

Use toothpaste that is recommended by your dentist, or by the American Dental Association. If discoloration is an issue, opt for toothpaste that contains whitening ingredients. Floss after each meal to prevent cavities from forming in between teeth. Use an anti-bacterial mouthwash as a follow-up after every brushing and flossing to get rid of even more unwanted bacteria.

Have Teeth Professionally Whitened

There’s no substitute for professional teeth whitening. At Creative Dental in Westfield, NJ, professional teeth whitening is available, along with a free consultation. In many cases, you can expect results that will make your teeth 2-3 times whiter than before. After the non-invasive procedure, you will have a winning smile for all your photographs.

Get Snap-On Smile

If you’re looking for a fast, transformation smile, consider the Snap-On Smile, available at Creative Dental. The Snap-On Smile is an easy, fast and painless way to transform your smile from flawed to perfect instantly. This apparatus can be inserted and removed by you, just in time for all your photo opportunities. With just two visits, you can have the smile you’ve always wanted for yourself but never dreamed possible.

Get Porcelain Veneers

If you prefer a more permanent solution to a beautiful smile for pictures, consider getting porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are fitted over your regular teeth, after some minor procedures by your Westfield, NJ dentist. The best part is, porcelain veneers are so realistic looking, no one will know they aren’t part of your natural teeth, in pictures or real life. The results are dramatic, long lasting and impressive.

Have Botox Treatments

One of the most obvious signs of aging is the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the lips and smile area. Unfortunately, this is a common problem that looks even worse when you express a wide smile, such as in photographs. Botox is a treatment that delivers proven and excellent results in eliminating the appearance of those aging lines and wrinkles. At Creative Dental, you can get Botox treatments independently, or in addition to other cosmetic or general dentistry treatments like implants, dentures, teeth whitening or other procedures.

Don’t suffer from one more unflattering picture, just because your smile is not what you’d like it to be. With a combination of good oral hygiene and one or more dental treatments, you can have the smile that you’ve always wanted. Contact Creative Dental in Westfield, NJ to make an appointment today!

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The benefits of smiling brings confidence

What Your Smile Says About You and Your Confidence

Believe it or not, your smile can have a significant effect on your life. If you want to get a promotion at work or make new friends, a healthy smile can help. Smiling shows others that you are comfortable with yourself and makes you seem more approachable and friendly. If you do it regularly enough, this can benefit your social and work life. Smiling has also been linked with improving a person’s health and career. With benefits such as these, there’s no denying that smiling is a positive action. Read on to find out exactly what your smile says about you and why you should be doing it more.

A Healthy Smile Portrays Care

Having a bright and healthy smile can have a positive effect on all aspects of your life. Not only does it prevent dental issues, but it also shows others that you make a conscious effort with your appearance. This can put you in good stead when meeting new people or going up for promotions. People are often put off by discolored, stains and bad breath, which is usually a result of poor dental care. If your smile is not in the best condition, make an appointment with your dentist. They will be able to offer suitable suggestions that can make your teeth and gums look healthier and therefore better.

Forced Smiles Seem…Well…Forced

Forced smiles are often seen negatively by others. They imply that a person is disingenuine and insensitive to others. This can have adverse effects on your relationships at work and within your friendship circle. If you get into the habit of forcing your smiles, you can quickly become very unpopular. Which can stop you getting your dream job or meeting a new partner. So it’s always better to do your best to smile naturally. People can easily tell if a smile is genuine or not. So if you find smiling uncomfortable, practice in front of a mirror at home. The more you do it, the more natural and easier it will become. If you’re having trouble making your smile look natural, think of something that makes you happy.

Not Showing Your Teeth Shows Lack of Confidence

While there is nothing wrong with smiling with your mouth closed, this can be interpreted as a lack of confidence and shyness. This can prevent you from opening up and could put you at a disadvantage at work. Smiling with your teeth can make you look more positive, confident and successful. Showing your teeth also shows genuine happiness and looks more natural. But if you feel anxious or self-conscious about your teeth, this is most likely the reason you choose not to smile this way. Arrange an appointment with your dentist to deal with the issues you have. With incredible advances in dentistry, there are more ways than ever before to improve your smile. It shouldn’t take long for your confidence and beaming smile to return.

Now you know what your smile says about you; you can start using it to your advantage.

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A great smile can get you a better job

A Great Smile May Improve Job Outlook

The Academy of General Dentistry conducted a poll of 289 consumers and dentists that revealed that men are less likely than women to visit the dentist. Some of the reasons for this were found in the poll as 45% felt men don’t feel like they need to go to the dentist, 30% felt men may be too embarrassed to go, 18% thought men just don’t have the time, and 5% said that they thought many men didn’t even have a regular dentist. The results of the poll may be somewhat surprising, but thankfully, new developments in the workforce have more men returning to the dentist to improve and maintain their oral health.

Cosmetic improvements for a better job?

A healthy, attractive smile can have a positive impact in today’s business world. More men are heading to the dentist for cosmetic dental treatments including bleaching, bonding and veneers because a winning smile improves self-confidence and can make a person appear more trustworthy and successful. While in the past most men worked for only one or two companies throughout their career, with today’s layoffs and uncertain job market, that’s no longer the case. Now men seem more aware that their appearance affects their professional life. Anything that gives middle-aged men an advantage over the competition full of younger men can be beneficial.

Better oral health equals better overall health

With the growing awareness that good oral health leads to better overall health, men are paying more attention to their mouth and what they put in it. Maintaining proper oral hygiene reduces harmful bacteria in the mouth that can lead to plaque, tartar and gum disease that may compromise the overall health of a person. Eating healthier food improves gum health, can strengthen teeth and helps avoid issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. The simple act of smiling offers health benefits in itself including lowering stress, boosting mood and increasing endorphins. All it takes to obtain and keep a stunning, healthy smile is regular visits to the dentist for cleaning and polishing or additional visits if the dentist finds that needs treatment. Elective cosmetic dentistry treatments are an added touch that may improve a man or woman’s chances of landing that new job or promotion.

Whatever the reason for resuming regular visits to the dentist, everyone can benefit from proper oral care and professional exams and cleanings. To improve the way you feel about your smile and reap the benefits of healthy teeth and gums, contact Creative Dental.

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Smiling makes you look younger

Smiling Makes you Look Younger

Although you already know that smiling makes you seem more approachable, successful, and confident, did you also know it could make you appear younger? According to several studies, onlookers considered smiling people more youthful and attractive than people who don’t smile. Wearing a beautiful smile is an instant fountain of youth and unlike expensive, anti-aging creams and potions, works instantly, the moment you show your pearly whites!

Smiling keeps them guessing

When you smile, it’s not only contagious, but it can also make people wonder what you’re smiling about. Smiling also keeps them guessing about your age because studies show that when men look at pictures of women, they guessed that the smiling women were 2-3 years younger than their actual age. With so many people desperate to slow down and turn back the hands of time, smiling is a great way to achieve that goal instantly.

The power of laugh lines

With so many social media sites these days, people post and share more photos than ever before. Sometimes all people post are smiling pictures with no additional information, so onlookers have to draw their own conclusions. Studies suggest that pictures of people wearing happy, smiling faces can be misleading because laughing and smiling create temporary laugh lines/wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. When going strictly from a smiling picture, it’s difficult to deduce the difference between temporary wrinkles and real ones. Add into that equation that smiling makes people appear more attractive, and smiling offers an instant youthful boost.

Age is a matter of perspective

A neutral expression makes it easier for people to guess a person’s actual age, and while seriousness has its place, it’s important to smile and radiate happiness whenever possible and appropriate. In the facial expression studies, people found it challenging to guess the age of older faces when compared to younger faces, and that older people often guessed a person’s age incorrectly high. Younger people tend to be kinder when estimating age and guess a few years younger than the person’s actual age. Overall, most age groups find it easier to guess the age of people their own age.

Some studies even show that being cheerful and happy has the potential to reduce the risk of premature death by up to 35%, which gives a rather strong incentive to improving your mood! Start tapping into this instant fountain of youth by contacting our offices today to ask about our extensive cosmetic dentistry treatments including whitening, veneers, and Snap-On Smile so you’re always eager and proud to share your smile.

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How to smile for the perfect selfie

Selfie Power: 5 Tips to Improve your Smile in Photos

When you have a beautiful smile, you want to share it with the world and show it off in photos. With a few helpful tips, you can be sure that your smile is always camera-ready and that you’re proud to share your selfies and profile pictures.

Great oral care

The most important part of any great selfie or profile picture is your winning smile, so it’s important to maintain good oral health with daily brushing and flossing. If your teeth have stains or yellowing, ask your dental professional about the best whitening products to use. Also, look into correcting any damaged, broken, missing or cracked teeth so that you always have the confidence to show your pearly whites. Make sure your gums are healthy because even a perfect smile isn’t enough to disguise unhappy gums.

Naturally appealing

Everyone has seen and done those fake, forced smiles for photos, and while they seem okay at a glance, if the smile isn’t genuine, it doesn’t do you justice. During pictures, focus on feeling relaxed and smiling gently for a more natural look. It can help to open your mouth slightly because then your lower lip matches the curve of your upper teeth for an appealing appearance.

Good posture

Believe it or not, having good posture goes a long way toward showing off your smile in the best light. When you slouch or bend your head too far forward, it can create an unflattering appearance, like shadows in all the wrong places. Maintain good posture, turn your head slightly, and drop your chin to prevent your face from being completely square with the camera lens.

Touch of color

For women who wear makeup, using the right shade of lipstick helps teeth appear whiter. Good shades to use include wine, plum, berry, rose pink and blush colors. Using a color that’s too dark or the wrong shade for your complexion can distract from your smile or make it appear less appealing.

Practice and have fun

Unless you have a genetic predisposition to showing perfect smile every time, getting the right smile for photos takes practice. Have fun with your smile, practice in front of the mirror, so you know the best angle for your pose, and can address any issues you see with your teeth and gums. When you practice in the mirror, you’ll see exactly how great you look when you hold yourself confidently and show a natural-looking smile.

We want to make sure you always have a beautiful, healthy smile to show off in photos. Contact our office today to ask about our various cosmetic and general dentistry services, or even a complete smile makeover.

And just for fun, watch these 100-year-old best friends talk about what selfies are (starting at 00:39):


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