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Consequences of teeth grinding

Consequences of Teeth Grinding and Misalignment

It’s not always easy to spot misaligned teeth in a person, but eventually, signs such as worn down teeth develop that indicate a problem. Nighttime teeth grinding with a misaligned bite is a common cause of worn down teeth, because the jaw tries to adjust during sleep to alleviate strain on the jaw joints. When the jaw shifts while a person sleeps, their teeth close and can grind together, wearing down tooth surfaces.

Consequences of teeth grinding

The action of teeth grinding back and forth can wear down tooth enamel and lead to sensitivity and decay. Teeth clenching and grinding can also result in sore jaw joints, headaches, migraines, ear ringing, dizziness and an inability to open the mouth fully. When the teeth are out of alignment, they’re more prone to breaks, chips and cracks that can require expensive treatments to repair. A break in the tooth below the gum line often requires extraction of the tooth and the patient needing tooth replacement via a dental implant or bridge.

Recognizing symptoms of teeth grinding with misalignment

Teeth with smooth tops instead of the natural contours are an indication of wear from grinding and misalignment. A dentist can check the bite alignment during an exam and check for indications of abnormal wear. After diagnosing the problem, the dentist and patient can work out a treatment plan to repair any existing damage and prevent further damage. To correct misalignment, the dentist can reshape certain teeth or apply crowns. For more severe misalignments, orthodontia may be required to restore normal alignment. Invisalign is an option for realignment for some patients while others may require the brackets and wires of traditional braces.

Importance of treatment

Whenever there are signs of wear on teeth, this indicates a problem with misaligned teeth and possible nighttime teeth grinding. Without treatment, the problem will grow worse and can lead to harder to repair damage and the possibility of tooth loss. Early treatment is the best option for addressing teeth that are out of alignment. A nighttime mouth guard or bite guard can prevent teeth grinding causing wear and damage and correcting the bite protects against future issues.

If you’re experiencing headaches, jaw pain, dizziness or an inability to open your mouth properly, contact Creative Dental promptly to schedule an appointment and diagnose the problem. With the right treatment, you can be living pain-free and smiling happily in no time.

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