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crown vs veneer

Crown vs Veneer: What’s the Difference?

Do you want a beautiful smile?

If you answered no, we think you’re lying. Everyone wants to look and feel their best. A confident, beautiful smile is one of the best ways to make that happen. 

What if your teeth aren’t quite straight or are discolored? No worries! There are plenty of cosmetic dentistry options these days that are affordable and work well. You don’t have to be rich to have a beautiful smile.

To help you decide what’s right for you let’s look at a dental crown vs veneer. What is the difference between the two? What are the pros and cons of each? Which would work best for your situation?

Let’s find out.


First, let’s look at each type of treatment. A crown can be made of porcelain, metal, or a combination of both. The crown is designed to fit over and cover your tooth. However, it is quite thick. Most of the time somewhere between 60% and 75% of the tooth must be removed in order to attach a crown. 

A crown is durable and, with proper oral care, should last about 10 years or even longer. 


A veneer is a super-thin sheet that is attached only to the front of the tooth. The best veneers are made of porcelain, but you can get composite veneers for about half the cost (although they only last about half as long). 

To attach a veneer, your dentist will still need to grind your teeth but to a far less extent than for a crown. They will gently grind the front of your tooth to roughen the surface to make a better bond with the veneer. This removes only about 3% of your tooth. 

Crown vs Veneer: What’s the Verdict?

Both types of treatment can be used to give you a beautiful smile, but which one is better? 

It depends on your situation. 

If your tooth is chipped, a little crooked, or discolored, but otherwise healthy and strong, a veneer is a good choice. This can correct your smile cosmetically without damaging your teeth. Keep in mind that there is still some grinding so this procedure is not reversible as some people may think.

If your tooth is already damaged or has a large cavity, merely covering it over with a veneer is not the healthiest choice. Rather, a crown allows your dentist to remove the damaged portion of your tooth entirely and replace it with a dental device that looks and feels natural.

Both forms of treatment cost about the same. However, veneers are often treated as purely cosmetic and therefore some insurances won’t cover them. 

Need an Expert Opinion?

Learning about the dental crown vs veneer is excellent. Educating yourself will help you make the best decisions for your oral health. However, you should always consult an expert. 

What if you don’t have a trusted dentist to ask? Come on down and see us here at Creative Dental. Our dentist is personable, trustworthy, and knows his stuff. He’ll be able to help you make the right choice for your cosmetic dentistry needs.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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