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Fluoride Treatments for Adults

Fluoride Treatments for Adults

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Despite what you may think, fluoride treatments aren’t just for children. In fact, several studies show that topical fluoride treatments given to adults by dental professionals have a significant, positive impact on the oral health of adults at moderate to high risk for cavities. There are a growing number of reasons why adults should receive fluoride treatments. These include a rise in prescription medication use and an increase in restorative dental work.

Countering side effects

Many of the prescription medications given to adults have side effects such as dry mouth and reduced saliva production. Radiation treatments for cancer can also lead to reduced saliva production. Decreased saliva increases your risk for cavities as bacteria forms and enamel erodes. A fluoride treatment is an effective way of countering this problem and along with other oral health suggestions provided by your dentist, you can maintain a balance between a healthy mouth and a healthy body.

Maturing oral health

Gum recession is often an unfortunate result of aging. When the gums recede, the root surface of the teeth becomes exposed and these regions lack the hard enamel found at the top of the tooth, leaving them vulnerable to decay. Add into that the fact that many adults receive restorative work including bridges and crowns, and this means there are newly exposed tooth areas in need of protection. Fluoride helps protect surfaces suffering gum recession and the areas around new dental work. Fluoride treatments are also a great choice if you opt for braces because orthodontic appliances can make maintaining oral health a challenge, but the treatments keep teeth strong and cavity-free.

Cavity prevention and sensitivity issues

Nobody is perfect and if you’re someone who doesn’t always floss daily, as you should, fluoride treatments can help give your oral health a boost. Fluoride gets between your teeth where flossing usually reaches so a treatment can help prevent cavity development in that area. If you’re someone who suffers from sensitive teeth from gum recession, teeth whitening, or just genetics, fluoride treatments can restore minerals to tooth enamel and lower sensitivity.

How it works

With an in-office fluoride treatment, we dry off your teeth and mouth and then apply a special fluoride gel, paint or vanish either by brushing on or by using a mouth guard you wear for a designated amount of time. Following the treatment, you’re advised to avoid eating or drinking for at least 30 minutes and it’s best for your oral and overall health if you avoid tobacco use altogether.

Fluoride treatments help fight and prevent decay in patients of all ages and are especially beneficial if you live somewhere without a fluoridated water supply. Contact Creative Dental today to discuss the benefits of adding a fluoride treatment to your oral health routine.

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