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Wedding Day Teeth Whitening

Have a Whiter Smile for Your Autumn Wedding

The autumn colors provide the perfect backdrop for this season’s weddings, and every bride wants to look her best in the big day’s photos. A bride should always be confident in her smile and happy to share it and show it on her wedding day and with some helpful tips, including ways to amplify her smile, that’s easy to achieve.

White dress and pearly whites

On her wedding day, the bride smiles almost all day long through pictures, the ceremony, and the reception. She’s happy and excited, and the last thing she wants to worry about is her smile appearing dull in comparison to her wedding dress. An in-office professional cleaning followed by a teeth whitening from the dentist is the most effective and safest option for a brighter, healthier smile. To make that newly-brightened smile stand out a bit more, the bride may want to consider a facial three weeks before the wedding and a spray tan the week before.

A beautiful mouth overall

Certain lipstick colors can enhance the bride’s smile such as soft pinks and peaches that bring out the luminosity of a freshly-whitened smile. For a truly dazzling effect, a bold bride can opt for red lipstick. Along with lipstick, the area around the lips should look its best, and this is possible by using a cosmetic brightener such as one used around the eyes. The brightener can help create a smooth, perfect lip line to frame those pearly whites. To ensure that the chosen lip color lasts through all the kissing, eating and drinking of the big day, the bride should first exfoliate the lips, then use a hydrating, colorless lip pencil for lining and end by brushing on the lipstick as this presses the pigment into the lips and can make it last longer.

Maintaining a bright, fresh smile

Following a dental teeth whitening, the bride should avoid consuming dark food and beverages such as blueberries, tea or coffee as they can stain teeth. If the bride wants to touch up her whitening just before the big day, it’s best to consult a dentist to find the ideal at-home solution. On the wedding day, the bride should keep mints handy to freshen breath or snatch a lemon wedge from the bar for a natural way to prevent bad breath.

The most beautiful bride is one who can smile, laugh and feel carefree and confident in her radiant smile. If your big day is coming up soon, Creative Dental has numerous cosmetic dentistry options to ensure that you’re a glowing, ravishing autumn bride with a healthy, bright smile.

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