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Immediate Load Dental Implants

Immediate Load Dental Implants – Westfield, NJ

Immediate load implants represent a substantial improvement in dental implant procedures and are an appealing option for patients who want fast results.

Unlike traditional dental implants that require two separate visits with months in between, in immediate load implants the implant and the prosthetic tooth receive placement within 24-48 hours of surgery. With ideal conditions, a patient leaves the dental office with replacement teeth free of gaps and that function like natural teeth.

Suitability of Immediate Load Implants

Although immediate load implants take less overall time than traditional dental implants, their suitability for a patient has the same determining factors including:

  • Good overall health
  • Adequate bone density and volume in jawbone
  • Patient’s bite composition and type of gums
  • No current signs of gum disease

An additional determining factor involved with immediate load implants is the type and features of the implant used. Implants with textured surfaces have a surface area that promotes faster bone formation at the implant location and promotes initial stability. Initial stability is vital for immediate load implants because solid anchoring is a requirement for withstanding the tightening torque used for placement.

Immediate Load Implants Benefits

Immediate load implants are just as successful as traditional implants when the conditions are perfect for the procedure. They take less time than the traditional, two-stage treatment, and the idea of having teeth on the day of extraction appeals to many patients. However, in order for immediate load implants to succeed, patients must adhere to post-surgery instructions including taking any prescribed medications and remaining on a soft diet for the recommended length of time. Maintaining good oral health and quitting tobacco use greatly improve the success of immediate load implants.

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