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Options for dental implants

Implant Options for Tooth Replacement

For someone who requires replacement of a single tooth or multiple teeth, there is a variety of treatment options available from today’s dental restoration professionals. Tooth replacement is about more than aesthetic appearance; it’s also about restoring functionality and strength to your bite as well as preserving the health of a patient’s jawbone. Dental implants are the best way to support tooth restorations ranging from dental crowns to dentures as they provide important benefits including preventing bone loss and offering a permanent tooth replacement solution.

Implants and Dental crowns

Dentists often use dental crowns to cap individual implants for single tooth replacement, as they don’t have an effect on adjacent teeth. Crafted out of porcelain, dental crowns match the size, color and shape of a lost tooth. Placing a crown on an implant is an easy procedure as the dentist applies the crown to an abutment piece and then attaches that to the healed implant post. With the support of the dental implant, a dental crown restores the stability and strength of a bite without more extensive and involved restoration procedures.

Implants and bridges

Dental bridges consist of a single or multiple artificial teeth or pontics that the dentist anchors with crowns on either side. The pontic bridges the gap of the missing tooth, but when someone has several missing teeth, combining a bridge with dental implants offers advantages over crowning natural teeth. These advantages include:

  • Preserve natural teeth – Supporting a bridge on implants instead of teeth allows patients to preserve the structure of their natural teeth.
  • Fewer pontics – By using implants to replace teeth instead of just pontics in the bridge, the dentist uses fewer pontics, which means a smaller bridge.
  • Reduced bone loss– Missing tooth roots result in eventual bone loss, but implants take the place of those tooth roots, reduce bone loss and preserve facial structure.
  • Future replacement flexibility – For patients who may suffer tooth loss in the future, having implants already in place is a benefit as they can also support dentures.

Dental bridges always utilize implants or two teeth for support, and it’s more efficient to replace multiple teeth with a bridge and two implants instead of a large bridge that places stress on remaining natural teeth.

Implants and dentures

Dentures are still one of the most popular ways to restore full rows of teeth as they enable patients to speak, eat and smile with a complete smile again. However, dentures lack the natural stability, reliability and strength of natural teeth unless the dentist anchors them with a few implants. Supporting dentures with implants helps by:

  • Increasing strength – Supporting dentures with the jawbone and not just on the gums adds strength to a patient’s bite.
  • Improving stability – Removable dentures can become loose when eating or talking, but dental implants increase their stability by holding them in place.
  • Providing proper fit – With a large number of missing teeth, the mouth and jaw change shape with time and dentures need adjusting or replacement. Using implants to anchor dentures provides a better fit in the mouth.
  • Enabling better diet and speech – Loose dentures can make it difficult to eat firmer foods and can impair speech. Anchoring dentures with implants allows patients to eat what they love and speak clearly without their dentures moving around.
  • Increasing comfort – Dentures supported by implants give a more comfortable and natural fit to patients.

Missing one or more teeth doesn’t prevent you from enjoying the life you want and sharing your smile with the world when you utilize the advantages of dental implants. Contact Creative Dental to learn if dental implants are right for you.

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    Jamie Wrimer

    I have been wondering about the benefits of dental implants over other methods of cosmetic dentistry. I really like what this article mentions about the implants taking place of a normal tooth, so there is not as much bone loss or change in facial structure. These are some very valid benefits, and will influence my decision a lot. Thanks for sharing!

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