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Sedation Dentistry NJ – Avoiding the Pain

Dental fear and anxiety are often caused from a bad experience at the dentist, usually during childhood or adolescence. Unpleasant experiences at the dentist can also occur as an adult, but no matter when they happen, they can make a person hesitant to visit the dentist regularly or at all. When a dental visit involves less than gentle treatment, insufficient Novocain or other improper procedure, this can make the patient believe that every future visit with the dentist will include pain and thus scares them away. However, discomfort and pain are not normal parts of dental visits or procedures, and it’s important that those with dental fear receive patient and considerate dental care to alleviate their anxiety and fear. Keep reading to learn how Creative Dental, the sedation dentistry NJ experts, take care of their patients.

Consequences of dental anxiety

For patients afraid of experiencing pain at the dentist, it’s easy for them to ignore any sensitivity or discomfort they feel in their mouth because they believe that visiting the dentist may make it worse. Unfortunately, avoiding dental care such as regular cleanings, x-rays, and exams, can lead to an eventual need for emergency dental care, which is costly and involved. It’s better for the patient when they feel safe visiting the dentist and have any minor problems addressed before they become major.

Consideration for dental anxiety

The professional, considerate staff at Creative Dental is dedicated to providing a positive, relaxing experience for every patient and pay particular consideration to those with dental anxiety. Patients are encouraged to visit the office for a conversation before any planned treatments, and this takes place in an office, not the dental chair. The patient and dentist discuss the dental fears and the options available to ensure the patient’s comfort and peace of mind. Oral sedation is a common way to handle dental anxiety today, and Creative Dental offers various options.

With sedation dentistry options ranging from oral sedation to IV sedation, patients with dental anxiety and fear can receive the necessary dental treatments while remaining calm, relaxed and pain-free. The dental staff knows how to keep patients comfortable and the dentist asks the patient questions throughout treatment to make sure they’re relaxed and not experiencing discomfort.

Expectations after sedation dentistry

Following sedation dentistry treatment, patients need someone to take them home, and when they fully recover, they have little or no memory of their treatment. So be sure to choose the dentists who offer the most passionate sedation dentistry NJ can provide. Many patients feel fully refreshed and able to resume normal activities by the next day. The goal of oral sedation is to help patients overcome their dental anxiety and fear, and ultimately, the hope is that the patient no longer requires sedation for dental care. With patience, time and understanding, it’s possible for patients to overcome their dental fear as they realize that they’re in control and that the dentist is there to help them.

Consider the Best Sedation Dentistry NJ has to Offer

If you suffer from dental anxiety and fear, there’s no need to delay proper dental care because Creative Dental is dedicated to providing the best and most comfortable care for our patients. Contact us today to learn more about our sedation dentistry options.

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    Adam Bockler

    I used to have a huge fear of the dentist when I was a little kid. You’re right about how the consequences of dental anxiety can make people avoid treatment, making the situation worse and more expensive. Growing up I had a cavity I didn’t tell my parents about until I couldn’t bear the pain any longer. I ended up needing a root canal on a baby tooth. Maybe if I had the option for sedation dentistry when I was younger I could have avoided that oral ordeal. Thanks for explaining sedation dentistry.

  2. Reply

    Dental anxiety is a very real concern for some people so I’m glad that sedation dentistry is out there for those people. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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