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Stress and Oral Health

Reduce Holiday Stress for Better Oral and Overall Health

The holidays can be both joyful and stressful as people deal with entertaining, shopping and traveling. Stress has a negative impact on overall health, oral health and mood as it makes people feel depressed, anxious, tired and restless and can lead to indigestion, jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Dealing with stress effectively during the holidays and year-round can benefit your well-being, including the health of your teeth and gums.

Make time to relax

Some people feel so stressed out by the holidays, work, and school that they may unconsciously clench their jaw during the day or grind their teeth at night. A good way to deal with this type of stress is to make time to relax every single day. Something as small as relaxing one’s breathing, listening to favorite music and taking a soothing shower or bath before bed can help alleviate stress and avoid issues with jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Quieting the mind and relaxing the body benefits overall health and can improve your healthy smile.

Engage in physical activity

Even just 30 minutes a day can improve physical and mental health and reduce stress. Although the holidays make it feel like there’s even less time to accomplish tasks, when people fit some physical activity in their day, it can give them the endorphin boost they need to tackle their routine efficiently and stave off stress and anxiety. If 30 minutes is more than seems possible, even a short walk on lunch break or after work can help.

Prioritize personal health

It’s easy for people to become so caught up in the holiday hustle and bustle that they neglect their health by not eating or drinking the right foods, feeling overstressed and forgetting daily dental hygiene. Making personal health a priority isn’t selfish, it’s essential and can prevent becoming ill. Stress along with neglecting personal health can weaken the immune system and lead to sickness during a time of year when people would much rather be healthy and with loved ones. By eating healthy, drinking ample water, washing hands frequently, keeping up with oral hygiene and finding time to relax, people can improve their overall health and not miss a moment of the holidays.

Don’t let the holidays stress you out to the point where your overall and oral health suffers the consequences. Contact Creative Dental today for a professional cleaning, oral exam and even pamper yourself with a teeth whitening for those holiday parties.

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