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Visit the dentist every 6 months

Six Month Checkups are More Important Than You Think

Although you may frequently read and hear how important it is to visit the dentist at least every six months, you may not entirely understand why it’s so important. Regular dental visits are just one part of taking care of your teeth and gums and work together with brushing and flossing regularly and eating well to improve your oral health. A healthy mouth is essential for a healthy body, especially where infection and inflammation are concerned, which proves that dental visits every 6 months do much more than just benefit your smile.

The necessity of dental cleanings

Even with the best at-home oral care including brushing and flossing daily, plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth that you can’t remove with normal brushing. A professional dental cleaning removes that plaque and tartar from your teeth and gives your teeth a nice polish to boost your smile. Plaque starts to form within 24 hours after consuming food and if two weeks pass without proper brushing, that plaque transforms into tartar under the gums. Brushing and flossing can’t touch that tartar and without professional cleaning, it can lead to gingivitis, decay and gum disease. Thankfully, with proper brushing and flossing, it takes much longer for tartar to develop but it still requires regular dental exams and cleaning to remove the plaque build-up and tartar before it becomes a problem.

Finding and treating tooth decay

Quite often, tooth decay and cavities present no visible signs so it’s vital that you visit the dentist for low radiation digital x-rays than can clearly show trouble spots. By finding the cavities early, the dentist can treat them right away and you avoid the need for more involved and costly treatments if the decay continues unchecked. Your dentist wants to help protect your smile and avoid the need for treatments such as crowns, root canals and tooth extractions as much as possible. A six-month checkup is an important form of prevention when it comes to tooth decay.

Alerting dentist to new developments

Your six-month checkup is the ideal time to inform your dental professional about any new developments that may affect your oral health. This includes pregnancy and other changes in your health. It also includes any bad habits you’ve developed such as grinding your teeth, brushing too hard and clenching your teeth. If you’re grinding your teeth at night, you may not even know it and the dentist can diagnose this issue and work on a treatment plan before it can cause damage. The dentist will also work with you to correct any other issues before they can lead to damage such as chipped or broken teeth.

When you visit the dentist regularly every 6 months, you improve the chances that all you’ll need is a routine cleaning. Even if it’s been a while since you’ve been to the dentist and you’re afraid you’ll need extensive treatments or have an overall fear of the dentist, at Creative Dental we’re dedicated to your comfort and want you to have a painless, stress-free experience. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to discover how we can protect and improve your smile.

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