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Snap-On Smile

Snap-On Smile

Snap-On Smile – NJ

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Understanding Snap-On Smile

For some people, nothing is more embarrassing than being afraid to smile around other people because they’re not confident in their smile. Thankfully, there’s an easy, painless way for just about anyone to obtain a Hollywood quality smile and it’s called Snap-On Smile. A dentist invented Snap-On Smile after years of research into a more affordable, less-invasive smile solution. This patented system is strong, thin, has the look and feel of natural teeth and is usable during drinking and eating. Available for upper and lower teeth, Snap-On Smile is easy to maintain and serves as a temporary or permanent cosmetic solution.

Life-changing results

Made of a high-tech dental resin that’s extremely strong yet very thin, Snap-On Smile fits over existing teeth to give patients a natural, beautiful smile instantly. The ability to improve their smile instantly is life changing for many patients who suffer from chips, stains, missing teeth or gaps and who are too self-conscious to smile. With Snap-On Smile, people have the confidence to smile again and now patients all over the world are sharing their smile proudly.

Suitable for all ages

The unique benefits of Snap-On Smile are available for all ages of people with a variety of cosmetic dental issues. This affordable solution to gaps, stains, chipped and missing teeth only requires two visits that are painless, free of shots and make no change to existing tooth structure. With Snap-On Smile, problems such as gaps and crooked teeth instantly disappear and it’s also a viable solution for those patients who don’t make good implant or bridge candidates. Patients who have traditional, removable partial dentures can also use Snap-On Smile. There’s no discomfort or invasive dental procedures necessary to achieve a Hollywood smile with Snap-On Smile.

Easy, painless and fast

Starting the process of obtaining a Snap-On Smile is easy, painless and fast. At the first dental visit, patients choose the shade and style of their desired smile and the dentist makes an impression of their teeth. At the second visit a few weeks later, patients have a final fitting and can wear their Snap-On Smile home that day.

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