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What You Need to Know About All on 4 Dental Implants

All on four dental implants is a procedure that is revolutionizing dental care and making it easier for people to get the bright smile they want. A minimally invasive procedure, it provides hope for those people who are missing all of their bottom and/or top teeth. For the more than 35 million Americans who are missing these teeth, an all on four dental implants can give them the confidence and joy to smile once again.

What is an All On Four Dental Implant?

Instead of using a dental implant for each individual tooth, an all on four dental implant uses just four implants to replace an entire upper or lower arch of teeth. This procedure not only gives you a natural looking replacement for missing teeth, it also eliminates the hassle and discomfort that wearing dentures can involve.

What are Dental Implants?

In order to truly appreciate the revolutionary advancements that all on 4 dental implants offer you, it’s important to know what dental implants are. A dental implant starts with a tiny titanium screw that’s inserted inside your jawbone. This replaces the root of your missing tooth and is accomplished during minor surgery that takes place right there in your dentist’s office.

After the implant is fitted inside your jawbone, a functional and realistic looking prosthetic tooth is attached. In addition to the other advantages that dental implants offer you — ensuring that implants are permanently attached to your jawbone and giving you a natural looking smile — they also provide your body with the unique ability to become incorporate the implant with your existing bones. Over time, the dental implant fuses with your body’s living bone and becomes a strong foundation for your new teeth. It also helps prevent any bone loss in your jaw in the future.

All On Four Dental Implants Transforms Lives

Dental implants on their own are a revolutionary technique that can transform your smile. They can also provide you with a more youthful facial structure and help improve your oral health. With an all on four dental implants, though, that life-changing technique is expanded one step further. It offers you the ability to instantly change your smile and the way you view yourself without having separate procedures for each tooth or having to wait for long periods of time to heal.

Patient Satisfaction is the Impetus Behind this Treatment

All on 4 dental implants typically provide you with a shorter treatment time so you can enjoy your new smile more quickly. In addition, compared to some other treatment options, all on 4 dental implants could be less expensive.

At Creative Dental, we strive to offer our patients complete satisfaction with their teeth and the procedures that we offer to them. Whether it’s a simple checkup and cleaning or a life-changing technique like all on 4 dental implants, when you walk out of our office, we want you to smile! Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


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