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Gums and Oral Health

What Your Gums Reveal about Oral Health

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When you practice good oral hygiene daily, you know immediately if something feels or looks off. This is beneficial because it means you can contact our offices quickly address, treat, and reverse the problem before it escalates. One of the biggest indicators of oral health issues is the appearance of your gums and when you know what to look for, it helps you and your dentist find the best solution.


Swelling, puffiness, and redness of the gums are one of the most common warning signs of a problem. Irritated gums can indicate early gingivitis, a bacterial or viral infection or even a change in hormones. Gums do get swollen and puffy if you haven’t flossed in a while, but when such signs happen often, it’s time to contact your dentist for help.

Gum recession

When gums recede, it exposes additional tooth surface and even the root if left untreated. Causes of gum recession include gum disease, aging, teeth grinding or clenching, hormonal changes, and/or brushing too hard. A receding gum line requires prompt attention to prevent damage to teeth surfaces and roots and to address the underlying cause of the condition.

Bleeding gums

It’s never a good thing when your gums bleed as this can indicate gum disease, brushing too hard, or another underlying condition. Gums will often bleed when you first start flossing after a break, but that usually stops within a week. Another cause of bleeding gums is being on medications such as blood thinners and it’s crucial that you discuss all your medications with your dentist to decide on a proper course of action. Bleeding gums can be worrisome, but your dental professional will work with you to find the best treatment and solution for you.

The important thing to remember about any gum issues is that proper treatment starts with prevention and early detection. If your gum health indicates gum disease, our experienced staff is on hand to help you restore your beautiful smile and maintain your oral health.

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